Integral Counseling

I'm Confident There is A Solution: You Can Be An Integral Part  


Services: Individual Counseling and Adventure Therapy

Photo by vitpho/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by vitpho/iStock / Getty Images

Counseling provides many benefits but the modality you select will prioritize particular benefits over others. Individual counseling provides greatest flexibility for your needs and preferences. While working with more than one or in groups provides the most opportunities for developing collateral support. For both individuals and groups, I include applied mindfulness strategies to all forms of therapy I offer to provide improved focus, care, and clarity. 


  • Individual - $100-175 per hour (rate depends on expected duration of treatment)

  • Group - $90 per session (discount block purchase)

  • Adventure Therapy - price is charged per bundle of activities.

The Benefits of Counseling

Photo by heyengel/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by heyengel/iStock / Getty Images

The type of counseling I practice seeks to help people develop and define a life worth living. Believing we have the inherent capacity to thrive, I help people engage in processes that enable the outcomes of their life to improve. I typically access multiple therapeutic systems to effect change and development: Jungian, applied mindfulness, direct exposure to challenge are all useful for assisting change. Counseling can help with the following:

  • improving focus, clarity, and presence
  • improved use of intuition, and intuitive resources*
  • finding non verbal and artistic solutions to old problems
  • living a "different kind of day"
  • increased commitment to life giving practices

Getting Started

Currently I am out of network for most providers. Check with your insurance about adding out of network benefits if you feel like insurance will be effective for you.

I offer cash discount and can process HSA and FSA's. There are many benefits of working with cash. Insurance companies controlling your access to treatment does not always work for your best interest, allow you to initiate and benefit from counseling for the duration that serves you best, and creates a record of your condition to insurance company who may provide penalty for having such knowledge.

Intake forms

All intake paperwork can be accessed through my portal.

Setting the Tone

Much of the type of counseling I can provide and tailor to suite your needs will depend on the information you can share with me. In a climate of safety and trust, I encourage engagement in the process by sharing specifically about themselves and the issues that bring them in. Together we develop a plan what works best.



Applied Mindfulness 

The thing we focus on determines what we miss.
— Carl Jung
When focusing on a problem and always thinking that solution means getting rid of, minimizing, or reacting to the experience of problem in some way, we feel intuitively uncreative.
— Jeff Ortman MS LPC CADC I licensed therapist
An openness to our own experience no matter how subjectively unpleasant is the beginning of adventure and can lead us to a life worth living.
— unknown
Life begins when we play the cards we are holding.
— Local song writer
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